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CMS User Guide 3.1 Released

CMS has released User Guide 3.1 for MMSEA reporting.  You can find a copy of the user guide on the Lien Resolution Services website, or, by clicking here. While most changes involve Responsible Reporting Entity (“RRE”) requirements, some of those changes will have a trickle down effect on plaintiffs, their Medicare liens, and plaintiffs’ attorneys.  […]

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Medicare Procedures Update 8/11/10

Medicare’s agent, the MSPRC, has changed procedures so often over the past few years, you may find it hard to keep up.  If you ever have MSPRC-related questions, Lien Resolution Services will assist you.  Here are some updates from the past few weeks: 1.  The MSPRC call center is no longer closed on Fridays.  It […]

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Medicare Lien Appeals – The Five Levels

If you either (a) failed in your attempts to dispute MSPRC Conditional Payment Summaries, or, (b) simply did not dispute the Medicare lien prior to settlement, you have a series of options to reduce the client’s Medicare lien. While it isn’t really negotiating, we nonetheless term it, Negotiating With Medicare.  The negotiation options: Compromise with […]

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