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How Will You React to Haro v. Sebelius?

As we all know, Medicare’s MSPRC agent has caused a ruckus with its freeze on issuance of Final Demands.  This means you cannot pay Medicare liens right now.  We think Haro v. Sebelius, a U.S. District Court of Arizona case is the cause for the Medicare lien freeze.  See our analysis below:

  1. Haro v. Sebelius – No Interest During Waiver/Appeals
  2. Haro v. Sebelius – How it Effects Settlement
  3. Haro v. Sebelius – Medicare Collections

But what if Medicare liens were going as normal?  What if you were receiving Final Demands and working the appeals process? What would you do if you ran into a “Haro” situation?  We’ll post our opinion in a few days.


About Ryan J. Weiner

Co-Founder of Lien Resolution Services, LLC, a national healthcare lien resolution firm. Our goal is to assist in the fair administration and resolution of healthcare liens on personal injury cases. Please visit our website for more information: www.lienresolutionusa.com.

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