MSPRC Timeframes Increase – Again

As of March 3, 2010, the MSPRC has again extended its timeframe to compile Conditional Payment Letters for plaintiffs and their attorneys.  The MSPRC now has 65 days after its Rights and Responsibilities Letter is generated to compile and send its initial Conditional Payment Summary.  This extended timeframe is prominently displayed on the MSPRC website (www.msprc.info) and should be explained by any MSPRC representative at the (866) 677-7220 number.

Normally the Rights and Responsibilities letter takes two and a half weeks to generate and arrive in the mail.  This means that you should report cases to Medicare’s contractors as soon as you file them.  Eighty days is a long time to wait, but if you prepare and report early, you are in good shape.

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About Ryan J. Weiner

Co-Founder of Lien Resolution Services, LLC, a national healthcare lien resolution firm. Our goal is to assist in the fair administration and resolution of healthcare liens on personal injury cases. Please visit our website for more information: www.lienresolutionusa.com.

4 comments on “MSPRC Timeframes Increase – Again

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